Discover our range of exclusive spa treatments. We have carefully chosen brands which we work with and we are happy to announce that all our treatments are based on 100% authentic , Dead Sea minerals and natural vegan products . Not only we want to make you feel luxurious but to heal your skin and bring great benefits you your joints . From the first minute you will feel very relaxed and looked after. Come in to our Beautiful room, relax and let us take care of you .. experience world's most popular and effective treatments and products with amazing healing properties . Couple of hours in our treatment room and you feel like a new person



Going to the massage can be quite a pampering treat, but it can be a massive boost in your health and wellness! Massage treatment can relieve all sorts of ailments - from physical pain to panic and anxiety. People who choose to supplement their healthcare regimen with regular massages don't only have a relaxing massage, but they'll start to see the benefits carry through the times and weeks as soon as the appointment! Most common benefits from massage :
•reduces stress
•improves circulation
•promotes deeper breathing
•reduces pain
•reduces tension headaches
•improves posture
•eliminates toxins
•normalises blood pressure
•improves flexibility
•improves sleep
•enhances immunity
•reduces fatigue
•alleviates depression and anxiety
•reduces post surgery and post injury swelling
•speeds recovery from
Injury •reduces water retention
•helps to lose weight and eliminates cellulite



Our facial treatments are uniquely designed for al skin types . Choose a luxury treatment that suits your needs or let us choose it for you . Why our facial treatments are different from others ? We work on natural , vegan products that are dedicated to professional spa salons. We use Dead Sea minerals such algimud, black mud , sea salt and selection of fruity skin products . Our treatments are combined with relaxing massage to your face , neck and arms . You can also have a pleasant hot stones massage while your skin is absorbing all the goods . Massage , acupressure, and face muscles uplift are not a luxury which you need to look for in a seperate treatment- you may and you'll have it all during one wonderful facial



Massage ? Facial ? Spa treatment? You don't have to limit yourself - you may have them all - one after another - from feet to head - paradise found ♥️ want more good news ? When you take the package , you save ££££ Have a look on our menu , choose your package and book it - let your pain , toxins , stress and tiredness go ...



Get your glow on! Whether you are looking for lovely sun kissed glow or a deep bronzed tan, a Suntana spray tan will give you a convincingly natural result without exposure to harmful UV rays. Not only do Suntana spray tans look beautifully golden, they also smell delicious! The scent of coconut, cherry, chocolate , blackberry and vanilla with strawberry stimulates your senses. Each fragrance has its own unique strength.

Prior to your spray tan it is advisable to:

Exfoliate the skin 24 hours before your tan, and to wax/shave at least 24 hours before
Dont use any moisturiser, perfume or deodrant the day of your tan as this will stop the tan from developing properly.

Wear loose fitting clothes for your appointment as anything tight fitting may rub of the tan before it has developed fully.

On arrival at your appointment your therapist will discuss the depth of tan you would like and advise of the tan she thinks is best suited.

15% off when coming back within 14 days