hopi ear candle

hopi ear candle incl. facial massage

Hopi ear candles are an ancient and natural therapy that can offer relief from issues such as sinus problems, compacted ear wax, tinnitus and headaches.

Hopi ear candle treatments can also help to reduce inflammation in the ears and sinuses, relieve the symptoms of hay fever, rebalance your body’s natural flow, and generally calm and relax you when life is stressful =£25

treatment includes face / scalp massage

Infrared light therapy

infrared light therapy

A method that uses light to treat acute or chronic pain . It is a painless therapy with multiple benefits such a pain relief , reduction of inflammation , restoration of the function of the affected body part. Other conditions that can be treated with infrared therapy include joint pain , muscle pain, spine injuries, nerve pain and sport injuries. It also speeds up wound healing , promotes blood flow to tissues and  increases lymphatic drainage . Boosts metabolism and thyroid.
30 minutes = £15 on its own 
or £10 as addition to a massage