Hello and welcome to Lomi Lomi Massage & Spa
My name is Magdalena – I’m happy and fullfiled women with passion and one of the lucky people who can call their job a true love.
I’m very passionate about Holistic Therapies, finally found out what my real passion and mission in life is ❤️
I always wanted to heal people but since I’ve graduated from a medical school in my early 20′ I was working as a clinician so the Western Medicine approach was what I had to follow.. It just didn’t feel right.. Not at all..
Medications, treating symptoms rather than listening to what our body wants to tell us..
I don’t regret I’ve started my career that way as it has given my lots of knowledge and experience which is always a plus but more than that I finally discovered what my pathway is and what isn’t…
Here I am – passionate about complementary therapies. I believe in therapeutic touch, in energy which we can heal with, in searching harmony through healthy eating, meditation and positive person being..
What I offer in my little salon is a massage – I do all sorts of massage therapies but Lomi Lomi – hawaian healing massage is what I resonate with so much..
I offer spa rituals with salts,dead sea minerals, mud, essential oils, seaweeds which have healing properties, especially if you suffer from psoriasis, eczema or joint problems.
I offer facials, different from the ones offered by beutifians as I mix them with massage, oils, healing and accupressure and vegan skin care products for professional spas..
Yes, my business is vegan friendly and I’ve been recommended as an outstanding vegan business in Devon & Cornwall.
What you also can have in my salon is dry cupping , hopi ear candles treatment for your ears, accupressure and many more – just check in menu ❤️

Something for the body and something for the soul.

And for those who want to improve their health and body appearance I not only offer advice on healthy diet and juices but offer the most effective detoxification and slimming treatmets such fat freeze, body wraps, vibratory massages, and many others…