lomi collagen therapy = 75

🌺 Lomi Collagen Boost -Facial Treatment

🌺 Lomi Collagen Restore – Body  Spa Treatment




Lift me up


🌺Full body dry brushing

🌺Full body exfoliation

🌺Uplifting full body aromatherapy massage

🌺Aromatherapy  facial



Escape to paradise

Escape to paradise =£130

🌺 Full body brushing
🌺 Full body exfoliation
🌺 Full body Swedish massage
🌺 Hand /Feet in heaven
(hot paraffin treatment)
🌺Total luxury facial
(deep cleansing with face massage, face & neck exfoliation,
mask applications ,hot towels treatment,hands & arms exfoliation,
Upper body hot stones massage, toning, eye treatment, moisturising )

Fabulous body

Fabulous body =£140

🌺 Ultrasound cavitation
🌺 Radio frequency body contouring
🌺 Fat Freezing

Dream catcher

Dream catcher = £85

🌺 Hot stones /cold stones full body massage
🌺 Scalp and face massage
🌺 Sleep therapy facial with aromatherapy elements to help your body and soul have a good sleep and getting in the morning full of energy
(deep cleansing, exfoliating, mask,  sleep therapy 6 oil super serum,
  scalp/face/neck/arms/hands massage , toning, moisturising)

Pure pleasure

Pure pleasure =£145

🌺 Muddy Ritual
(Dead Sea Black mud envelopment : full body brushing,
exfoliating with dead sea salt, application of treatment oils and hot mud,
wrapping body with a plastic sheet, gentle body massage,  moisturising)
🌺 Aromatherapy full body massage
🌺 Mineral Miracle Facial
  (deep cleansing, greeting massage to frontal upper body, sea sand exfoliation, toning, anti ageing serum, algimud mask with mineral activator / or black mud mask, arms & hands massage, eye & neck rejunevator, toning )

Shine Bright

Shine Bright = £65

🌺 Diamond microdermabrasion
🌺 Collagen wave facial
(deep cleansing, exfoliating, toning,
Collagen sheet mask, arms & hands massage, collagen treatment)
🌺  Scalp massage with dead sea minerals serum

Hot Hot Hot

Hot Hot Hot = £95

🌺 Full body hot poultices massage

/or Full body hot himalayan salt massage

🌺  Total luxury facial including hot stones massage:
deep cleansing, exfoliating, mask, hot towel treatments , toning ,
hands & arms exfoliating, hot stones massage to hands, arms, neck and face ,
moisturising , eyes treatment , lips treatment

beach body

beach body = £75

🌺Chinese cupping massage

🌺 Emerald beauty spa treatment-

nourishing and skin texture improving wrap is all based on handly harvested  seaweeds :laminaria digitata ,  focus serratus combined with white and green clays which absorb dirt, oil ,  bacteria and gently cleanse the pores. Skin is left soft and fresh.

wonderful anti cellulite effects and minimized stretch marks.
Full body brushing and  exfoliating +body wrap with seaweed mask  + application of mineral oil followed by roller massage


under the sea leaves

under the sea leaves =£115

🌺  „Sea & Me” spa treatment :

Full body brushing & exfoliating with sea sand mixed with mineral oils  +gentle massage with seaweed extracts

🌺 Laminaria digitata luxury face wrap

Innovational treatment with great anti ageing and express lifting effects. Seaweed leaves handly harvested and based on seaweeds products.   Deep cleansing, exfoliating, toning, laminaria digitata seaweed leaves wrap, toning, arms& hands massage, serum, moisturising

🌺Marine goodies” Body Laminaria Digitata seaweed leaves wrap + gentle massage with seaweed extract oil